Grimms Rainbow Ship


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Griffin, colourful

Material: beech or maple wood, alder wood oiled

Dimensions: Ø 9 cm, wooden balls Ø 2 cm
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Grimms Rainbow Ship

The Rainbow Ship by Grimms is the ideal grasping toy for babies and the perfect first baby toy. The colourful beads and the noble handle make this little grasping toy the perfect baby toy for babies from the age of 3 months. The sense of touch is encouraged by the different materials. Babies from the age of 3 months can grasp and feel the Grimms grasping toy well. Grasping toys with different shapes and colours are particularly suitable.

Product information:

Baby toys
Rainbow ship, griffin from Grimms
Material: balls made of beech or maple wood, glazed, ship made of alder wood oiled
Colour: rainbow/nature
Dimensions: Ø 9 cm, wooden balls Ø 2 cm

Age rating: from 0 years

Everything for the baby like baby equipment, baby food and baby toys you will find in our baby category!

Baby toys

Which toys are suitable for babies aged 3, 4 or 5 months?

Ideal toys for babies from 3 months are:

  • grasping toys
  • soft balls
  • Teething rings
  • mobiles
  • Wipes made of wool, silk or cotton

The baby does not need sophisticated baby toys!

At first, the baby discovers its own hands, its feet, the faces of the people in its immediate environment. Soon, objects that are offered are added. Once the baby has explored its hands, it can soon grasp objects and the first game begins: the exercise game, also called functional game.

A wide variety of objects are suitable as the first baby toys. The toys should be made of natural and different materials to promote the sense of touch. The colours should also be natural and not too bright to promote the sense of sight. Of course, the toys must not be a source of danger for the child. Cloths made of wool, silk or cotton, wooden building blocks, but also a simple wooden spoon are excellent toys for the first game and for stimulating hand-eye coordination.

The beautiful wooden toys from Grimms, such as the rattle fish, rattles, baby roller, grasping toy and bead ring, are also suitable toys at this time. But smaller cuddly toys can also be pleasant to grasp.

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