Baby toys

A baby explores the world with hands, feet and mouth. Therefore, it is all the more important that the baby toys enable natural sensory experiences. Wood is a wonderful, natural material.

At Waldorfshop you will find high quality and stimulating wooden toys for your baby from the following manufacturers Grapat, Ostheimer and Grimms.


Baby toys from nature

Actually everything a child does in the first years of its life serves to learn and to discover itself, the people around it and the world. In doing so, it develops the skills and abilities it needs to be and do something meaningful according to its needs. For even though the play of babies and children is in a way purposeless, it is full of meaning, nurtures the senses, learns about the world and also promotes motor skills in a playful way.

By touching, the baby works its way into the world. In Waldorf education, we assume that no abstract, overly prefabricated toys are needed for this. These are usually not very free in their design and use, offer little tactile experience and therefore tend to hinder the development of imagination. The garish, bright colours, the smooth, cool plastic and the often accompanying sounds often overtax the senses of babies and toddlers rather than stimulate them in an age-appropriate way.

The ideal toys for babies and toddlers are gifts from nature. Lovingly crafted wooden toys or toys made of wool and organic cotton let children play full of fun. That's why you'll find selected wooden toys from the Ostheimer, Grimms and Grapat brands online at Waldorfshop. Untroubled toys for the optimal development of your child!

Toys for healthy baby development 

At no other time in a person's life does development take place so rapidly. From birth, children develop, progressing step by step. In pedagogy, these developmental steps are "measured" with milestones. We can recognise a guideline here, but every baby, every toddler is individual and, if you as parents, those around you and the environment let it, takes the time it needs for its very own development.

From birth

Babies' first play becomes Functional play called functional play. The child does not need any sophisticated toys for this. At the beginning, the child's own body is enough and later a wide variety of objects are suitable for exploration and play. They should be made of natural and different materials in order to promote the sense of touch appropriately. And of course they should not be a source of danger for the child.

The toys that were bought before birth or given to the birth have a mainly decorative character at the beginning. A wooden grasping toy can have a stimulating effect even in the first few weeks. You will find a selection of educationally valuable grasps from Grapat, Grimms and our own brand waldorfkind in our online shop.

A baby mobile with soft colours and gentle movements above the sleeping area or the changing table can have a calming and stimulating effect on your baby at the same time as its eyesight grows. 

One of the most popular baby toys at this age is of course the Baby rattle made of wood. The rattle is in itself the first musical toy and toddlers have great fun making noises with it.

If you are looking for rattles, you will find a convincing selection of natural and colourful, high-quality baby toys made of wood in our online shop.

From 5 months

The child is actually permanently busy and, apart from sleeping and eating, immersed in a kind of continuous baby play. Wonderfully suitable here Grimm's Mini Baby Scooter. It is made of wood and therefore very stable. When the baby lets it roll, the wooden marble and the little bell inside make a pleasant noise and encourage it to crawl behind. The colours mix when rolling and show the harmonious colour gradient of the rainbow;

Also the first very simple, natural wooden figures e.g. from Ostheimer or Grimms are now interesting as well as dolls and cuddly toys. There is no real play yet, but 6-month-old babies love to discover new things;

Babies also love singing and finger games. You can find a nice selection on our waldorfkind blog and on our Youtube Channel.

From 7 months

Grabbing something over and over again, only to throw it away again immediately, is one of baby's favourite games. To prevent the toy from breaking immediately, high-quality wooden toys are particularly suitable. wooden toys and Cloths made of natural materials such as wool, cotton and silk.

The familiar "Where am I?" games now become more relevant, as babies now know that people or objects, such as the toy, are still there when they are outside the field of perception. In pedagogy, this is called object permanence.

Now the time may come when the familiar toy becomes boring and the child throws it aside after a brief glance. Instead of always buying new toys, you can make the toys interesting again with two tricks.

First, you can put half of the toys out of sight. After a few days, you can replace the toy and for the child, who is developing rapidly, it will be almost as good as new again.

On the other hand, you can buy toys that are not too fixed. For example, wooden toys that can be left free can be combined with other toys. For example, if the child had a ring made of wood and a organic cotton cloththe cloth can now be tied to the ring and immediately this new "thing" is interesting again and can be examined!

From 9 months

In the 9th baby month most babies can crawl and sit. Children still discover something new every day. Toys that stimulate movement, such as a soft felt ball or wooden cars are particularly suitable at this time.

The functional game already mentioned above is accompanied by the Information game or also exploration game also called exploration play. Here, as the name suggests, it is about exploring the function of objects and toys. The child explores, investigates and tries things out systematically. In the process, it gathers information about the nature and characteristics of the objects. Toddlers take great pleasure in taking things apart, putting them back together and using them again and again.

The Grapat wooden toys from Grapat. The toy consists of many loose parts, such as rings, small bowls, coils, figures made of wood, which offer endless combination possibilities with their simple shapes. Just right for the curious explorers:inside. The small and large rainbow from Grimm's is also ideal for this time!

From 11 months

At the age of 11 months, the child plays everyday situations more and more often. It is nice when, for example, household activities are not done in the child's absence but with the child's involvement. If the toddler is also allowed to handle a hand brush or a cloth and if he has his own pots and wooden spoons to play with, he can follow his inner urge to imitate.

t the beginning of the 2nd year of life, construction play becomes increasingly construction game comes more and more into the foreground. The most popular baby games at this age are stacking things, knocking them over, loading them in, unloading them, putting them in and taking them out again. Treasures from nature are also particularly suitable for play here. Pine cones in a basket can bring a lot of joy for a long time. Anything that can be put inside each other, rolled, filled, emptied, rolled up, etc. is suitable as a toy, such as or Box set from Grimms, Felt strings, Building blocks wood or a Ball.

In the 12th month, babies enjoy movement toys with which they can practice their newly acquired skills in standing and walking. Movement toys, such as Marble run wooden marble runs and rocking horses are great fun for children!

Also Picture books are becoming more and more exciting and the time spent looking at pictures and telling stories together can be very enjoyable.

If, in addition to baby toys, you are still looking for basic equipmentproducts for baby care or baby clothes then feel free to browse through our other baby categories and discover many other wonderful items for your baby!