Kit: Whirlwind


Kit: Whirlwind

Windmill, Ø 80 cm

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Windmill in rainbow colours

Dimensions: Ø 80 cm
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Kit: Whirlwind, colourful windmill, Ø 80 cm.

A kit for older children, with sewn, rainbow-coloured sails for a windmill that turns in all weathers . Brings colour to the garden or balcony. A windmill in the most beautiful rainbow colours, made of natural materials.

With its mast, the wind wheel can be attached to a stake, fence or railing and thus moves with a very light breeze. The wind wheel shows from a distance where and how strong the wind is blowing!

The wind wheel with its stately diameter of 80 cm is a very special eye-catcher in the garden or on the balcony!

Product information:

Wind wheel kit
Material: wood, cotton
Dimensions: Ø 80 cm
Weight 2.6 kg

Independent assembly from approx. 12-14 years.

Additional tools needed:

small screwdriver
Sharpener, large or knife
A piece of string or expander

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