Grimms Ms Ebony

Dolls for the doll's house

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Made by hand, face hand painted

Material: cotton, polyester wool

Dimensions: H 14 cm
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Grimms Woman Ebony, doll for the doll's house

The doll's house doll Mrs. Ebony by Grimm is traditionally handmade in Europe. The lovingly designed faces are painted by hand, giving each doll an individual expression.

All fabrics used are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

The doll woman is made of cotton fabric and filled with soft polyester wool. Thanks to the sewn-in wire, arms and legs can be moved.

Mrs. Ebony can inhabit a beautiful house with her family, Mr. Ebony, Max, the baby Sam and the girl Lisa. With dollhouse furniture, small carpets, wooden animals and other wooden toys can be created in the play with the dolls for the dollhouse, large theme and play worlds with the.

Product information:

Mrs. Ebony, doll for the doll's house by Grimm
Material: cotton, polyester wool
Dimensions: H 14 cm

Age rating: from 3 years

Caution : Not suitable for children under three years! Danger of swallowing! Small parts!
Clothes cannot be changed!

Care instructions: The doll prefers a gentle bath in lukewarm water. Wash the face only carefully. Colours are waterproof but can be damaged by too much friction.

A selection of dollhouses from different manufacturers and matching accessories, such as furniture and dolls from Grimms can be found in our dollhouse & accessories category !

The doll's house

Role-playing is an important factor in children's search for identity. A lot of free space and meaningful toys support the children. In playing with the doll's house, children can imitate life imaginatively! As if from an observer's position, children can guide the dolls and speak for them, so the doll's house can be played with for a long time. Even very complex situations can be acted out without the children having to slip directly into the roles. In this way, situations from everyday life are processed in a child-friendly way.

Playing with the doll's house supports the children in their development in many ways:

  • Training of language and communication skills
  • Development of empathy
  • Planning the course of the game, promoting logical thinking
  • Promotion of social skills, such as frustration tolerance, through playing together
  • Stimulation of the imagination and creativity

Natural materials such as wood stimulate children's senses, which is why we at Waldorfshop recommend dollhouses and accessories made of wood and dolls made of natural materials such as cotton fabrics!

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