Knight's castle


Knight's castle

65-piece plug-in system

Item number 6744

Made of 65 birch plywood parts and flags

Tower height (without flag) 36 cm

From 3 years
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Knight's castle 65-piece wooden plug-in system, with drawbridge and trapdoor

Children can easily build this wooden castle themselves in just a few minutes. No accessories such as tools or glue are required. With the help of the enclosed assembly instructions, the knight's castle can be transformed into a play landscape that can be changed again and again.

The functional trapdoor and the movable drawbridge allow children to immerse themselves in a variety of games.Two felt flags with and without a flagpole complete the knight's castle.

The castle is suitable for play figures up to 8 cm.It is supplied without knights or other figures.

    Product information:

    • Contents: 65 birch plywood parts, flags with flag pole, flags without flag pole.
    • Dimensions: Tower height (without flag): 36cm.
    • Material: birch plywood.
    • Age recommendation: from 3 years.

    Caution: Choking hazard due to small parts that can be swallowed.Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

    Knights and other accessories, such asB.You can find bending dolls for the knight's castle in Waldorfshop in the category <a href="" target="_blank">Discover knights & castles!

    Wooden toys in Waldorf education

    Children experience the world through play and make it their own.The gateway through which the child perceives the world is the senses.The more varied and natural the sensory experiences are, the freer and more varied the child can develop, learn and immerse themselves in free play.For this reason, the <a data-mce-href="" href="">Wooden toys have a special place under the <a data-mce-href="" href="" target="_blank">toys for children.

    5 reasons why a knight's castle is a useful toy?

    1. Playing with a knight's castle stimulates the imagination.
    2. Knight's castles can be easily combined with other toys.
    3. The knight's castle offers a variety of play ideas.
    4. Children can immerse themselves in a historical context in a playful way.
    5. Playing with castles and knights is fun both alone and with friends.
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