Grimms Lisa

Dolls for the doll's house

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Handmade from certified materials

Material: cotton, polyester wool

Dimensions: H 13 cm
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Grimms Lisa, little doll for the doll's house

The doll Lisa by Grimms is handmade from certified materials. The little hand-painted face has a unique expression, arms and legs of the little doll are movable thanks to the sewn-in wire. So Lisa the doll can sit, stand, lie down, climb... You can find Lisa family in our category Dollhouse & Accessories!

Product information:

Lisa, doll for the doll's house
Material: cotton, polyester wool
Dimensions: H 13 cm
Clothes not changeable!

Age rating: from 3 years

Caution : Not suitable for children under three years! Danger of swallowing! Small parts!

Role play with the doll's house

Playing with the doll's house enables the child to re-enact and recreate experiences! The child can slip into different roles. Role-playing with the doll's house supports the child's development in a unique way:

  • Promotes language development and communication skills
  • Development of empathy
  • Promotes logical thinking by planning the course of the game
  • Training of social skills, such as frustration tolerance, through playing together
  • Stimulates the imagination and creativity

The doll's house with accessories can be played with by the child for a long time. The natural materials are durable and sustainable and enable pedagogically valuable and meaningful playtime fun!

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