Discover the wonderful world of school supplies in the Waldorf Shop! From colored pencils, wax crayons and watercolors to satchels and school backpacks to handmade pencil cases and roll-up pencil cases - you will find everything for a successful school time for your child!

school supplies

School supplies

High-quality materials and sustainable production ensure that you will enjoy our products for a long time. Dive into the inspiring world of Waldorf school supplies and be inspired by our selection!

Everything for school

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    12 roll-up pencil case - blueberry/cherry
    Waldorfkind | 12er Rollmäppchen - blueberry/cherry | Made from organic cotton Made from organic cotton 12er Rollmäppchen in blueberry/cherry by Kassler BG Werkstätten
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    Main Lesson Book blank
    Sedulus | Main Lesson Book blank | Format: A3, A4, A5 | Portrait or landscape format | with tissue paper or without tissue paper Available in A3, A4, A5, with silk, without silk, in landscape, and portrait, in 10 colours.
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    School fountain pen
    Greenfield | school fountain pen | in four colours in four colours This high-quality fountain pen from Greenfield allows children to learn to write with ink in a playful way.
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Back to school

Back to School

Soon it will be that time again - the start of school is just around the corner! From the first school bag to exercise books and learning pens to practical lunch boxes and water bottles - we have a diverse selection of high-quality and sustainable products that are perfectly tailored to the needs of students. Discover our colorful and inspiring world of back-to-school and prepare yourself and your child optimally for the upcoming school days!

Everything for the start of school

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  • Kaleidoscope Twinky
    AstroMedia | Twinky | Kaleidoscope | Mini Kaleidoscope | Content: 1 piece | Size: Ø 5 cm Ø 5 cm Twinky, the smallest kaleidoscope in the world.
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  • Flutter butterfly
    Aurich | flutter butterfly | colour depending on stock | from approx. 5 years | dimensions: 10 x 11 cm Flutters when the rubber band is untwisted. 5 years and up.
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    Lyra Super Ferby Crayons Waldorf Selection
    Lyra Super Ferby | Crayons Waldorf Selection | natural, 12 pieces | L 17,5 cm | Lead Ø 6,25 mm Waldorfshop Edition, 12 pieces 12 coloured pencils in a cardboard box in a special colour composition with high opacity and fine colouring.
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    Stockmar Wax Crayons
    Stockmar | Wax Crayon | Single Pencil | 32 Colours | Lightfast Single pen in 32 colours Single wax crayon, 32 colours to choose from
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    0.01 kilogram  | EUR 99.00 / kilogram
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School bags and backpacks

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    School backpack "Waldorf
    Waldorf Child | School Backpack "Waldorf" | Collaboration with Deuter | Made for Waldorf School | 1500 g in collaboration with Deuter A special school backpack especially for the Waldorf school! Not available until mid-October at the earliest! Delivery problems due to the current Corona situation.
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    RRP EUR 169.00
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  • Leather Satchel, Red with Horse
    Waldorfkind | Leather Satchel, Red with Horse | waldorfkind | Satchel | 1.5 kg waldorfkind Waldorf school satchel/beginner satchel red with horse made of organic leather by Leder Wolf
      Not in stock
    EUR 284.00 *
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The school backpack developed for Waldorf students

School backpack "Waldorf", a special school backpack especially for Waldorf school!

In collaboration with Deuter this very special waldorfkind school backpack was created!

An inspiring selection of products

Waldorfshop offers you a wide selection of high quality and sustainable school supplies. Discover our selection of colored pencils, watercolors and exercise books for creative lessons. Or browse our handmade pencil cases, backpacks and school bags for convenient and stylish transport of school supplies. Get excited about our school supplies and make your child's school day easier!

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